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Special Issue: Marketing Education Review (MER) is pleased to announce that the Spring 2009 edition will be devoted to teaching innovations. We are excited about this opportunity to recognize faculty in marketing that are discovering new ways of exploring and learning marketing with their students. The innovations can deal with instruction on any aspect of marketing, from any course, at either the graduate or undergraduate level. The innovations will have previously been used and refined allowing the author to share his/her experience with the reader. Methodological assessment of the innovation’s success is required of each manuscript.

With your permission, I’d like to try writing up the MKTG2032 experience for this journal. It’s been a bit of a wild ride, and what I’d like to do later over either the semester break or in early Semester 2 is solicit feedback on how you felt the course ran, changes, suggestions and opinions. Would people be for or against the idea in general?


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I never said I was going to play fair…

Although, now I have a question for you – the Mach5 versus the Batmobile.  Who’s got the better car?

I could be less subtle, but I’d have to seriously try..

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In case you’re wondering, I was mostly taking this links post deal seriously at any point in the show. However, this one’s just the light entertainment hour of the internet…

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Feeds, feedreaders, twitter clients and other misc.rounds

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Can you use it for good, evil or fun? A couple of views on how to assess the usefulness of a internet technology for marketing, non marketing and other uses

  • How devices that were designed for sharing cute dog pics can be easily repurposed into more complex and heavy duty marketing/social change systems because of the robust nature of the underlying systems.

Now for the controversy – it’s time for a quick game of Bash The Younger Generation!

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