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Special Issue: Marketing Education Review (MER) is pleased to announce that the Spring 2009 edition will be devoted to teaching innovations. We are excited about this opportunity to recognize faculty in marketing that are discovering new ways of exploring and learning marketing with their students. The innovations can deal with instruction on any aspect of marketing, from any course, at either the graduate or undergraduate level. The innovations will have previously been used and refined allowing the author to share his/her experience with the reader. Methodological assessment of the innovation’s success is required of each manuscript.

With your permission, I’d like to try writing up the MKTG2032 experience for this journal. It’s been a bit of a wild ride, and what I’d like to do later over either the semester break or in early Semester 2 is solicit feedback on how you felt the course ran, changes, suggestions and opinions. Would people be for or against the idea in general?


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April 19: BarCamp


  • Who? Anyone who is interested in technology, the Internet and related topics. We have room for 60ish people, so bring your colleagues.
  • What? A good opportunity to share ideas and projects and to work with like-minded individuals.
  • When? The first BarCamp Canberra is on from 1000-1700 on Saturday 19 April 2008
  • Where? BarCampCanberra1 will be held at the CSIT Building, North Road, ANU.
  • Website? The blog is the place. We’ll be posting updated information about the event there.

I’ll be attending BarCamp, and presenting, geeking out, and generally feeling somewhere between over my head with the technology, and thrilled to be hanging out with a crew of tech orientated people at an UnConference.

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Some of these are useful, some are pretty, all are here because I felt like a post where I geeked out wildly over inherently cool stuff.Ship

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MKTG2032 Blog

Welcome to the course blog for the MKTG2032 eMarketing and MKTG7037 Electronic Marketing course at ANU.

The aim of the blog is relatively straightforward РI will provide weekly updates of links, websites, and general internet marketing materials that will be (mostly) useful to my students.  Periodically, I will engage in posts of pop-cultural history, such as explaining Rick Astley, or maybe pointing people to pointless Youtube videos.

Also, just to start this blog on the right foot…

Mandatory Cat Photo

a photo of a cat.

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