Do you plan? Plan and adapt? Plan, adapt and intelligent design/evolve? Here’s a mixed round up of the old classic question – plans, planning process or the implementation?

And a couple of padding out the numbers links…

  • Sometimes you need a bigger boat. This little device is designed to ruining the track software data some ISPs want to collect. Use it. Spread the word, and kill off the pointless collation of meaningless datasets in the so called name of “market research”
  • Speaking HTML is a vital new media language skill. It shows up at the strangest of places and times, and knowing it like a second syntax helps make the internet just that little bit more useful
  • David Seah – A Chindogu Clock for Procrastinators
    A clock that’s never late but 3d6 ahead of schedule? It’s sufficiently odd that it could just work. (BTW, you would probably need 3d6 – 3 for true representation of the clock)

    The Game

    Sometimes there’s just no really good clustering for a bunch of links, so I’ll roll out a mixed set of content. GPS, Learning, GLBT blog respondents and OpenID. It’s diverse, it’s relevant, and it’s here.

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    Extravagant displays of electric lights quickly became a feature of public events, as this picture from the 1897 Tennessee Centennial Exposition shows.Image via Wikipedia

    About that assignment that’s due rather soon…

    Quick follow up round of getting things done.  With less than a month less to run on the subject, it’s time to switch systems towards an exam revision focus, rather than the content acquisition focus of the semester.  So, here’s  a quick batch of advice…

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      Abstract in Otage

      This could be best consider the Zappos bonus edition.  The plan is straight forward – in class, I’ll talk to a bunch of the examples, talk through relationship marketing, and here’s a live casestudy of company using the tools and techniques of social media marketing to sell shoes, build community and run up a tidy profit.
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      PLE Mapping, Draft 1Image by Mr_Stein via Flickr

      A mix bag of results, links and stuff..

      • Crowdsource Your Decisions with SocialThumbs – ReadWriteWeb
        This is just here because I think you need to see that sometimes, there things on the internet that make me go…”WTF? WHY PEOPLE? WHY? GET LIVES DAMNNIT!!!!”. This is one of those times. WTFMATE? (And yes, I’m aware that some of you have this reaction to most of the stuff I talk about in class. I’m saying we all have our thresholds)

      Remember how I said not every link has to be relevant? It’s true.

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      ArchImage by phill.d via Flickr
      • 10 Essential Legal Points for Bloggers
        Legal thoughts and legal advice for blogging. Remember, you’re blogging live to the broadcast medium of the internet, so the rules of the rest of the world apply as well as the ANU academic honesty policies
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      Web 2.0 Expo 2008 (San Francisco) - Registration computersImage by lbmixpro707 via Flickr

      Resistance is useful!

      As much as I like a good bit of technology, I do recognise that not everyone is paid to live on the internet, and not everyone would want that job even without the paycheque. So, here’s some insight into the resistance and barriers to Web2.0 adoption

      Not every technology is valuable, not every new idea needs pursuing, and not all improvements are actually an improvement.  Even if I am innovation prone trigger happy adopter of new shiny things, those things still have to do something useful for me in my life to make the cut, and be included into my routine.

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