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This set is designed to tie in with Week 08’s class on lifestreams, twittering and microblogging.

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A roll of silver duct tape.Image via Wikipedia

Nothing like a bunch of productivity links to completely distract you for a few hours.

Of course, no productivity post is ever complete without a massively distracting link at the end…

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WordPress rolled out a new feature over the weekend for wordpress.com hosted posts – automated related posts.

It’s not good news under any stretch of the imagination – the “linking” is context-less keyword searching, and as such, links feminist blogs with anti-feminist hate blogs, and race-awareness with race vilification and variety of other disasters of automated stupidity.

  • She Who Stumbles has a write up of the implications of the automation, including their own experience of the ‘related posts’ drawing down trolls onto their blog, and how to shut down the ‘feature’.
  • Internet Duct Tape has a step by step guide to changing the settings back to detach yourself from the network
  • Lorelle on WordPress runs a coverage of the details and a link back to the original post on WordPress

It also look entirely like it’s meant to shut down or shoot down Zemanta by automating the posting of related links (BTW, Zemanta’s recommendation list was entirely insane this morning – a long string of suggested articles that had no link to the post. It’s at least now just suggesting articles about itself.  Zemanta team, you might want to look into the not-so-subtle approach  when I type your name into the blog post. Just saying, I’m with the converted, I don’t need every related article to be about you if I type your name in a post.).

Following up on this is also going to be the caution to watch your comments feed and trackbacks for hostile activity. I take it for granted I’m going to draw flak for what I write, so I’ll get some troll defence posts into the blog stream soon to bring the rest of the group up to speed on handling hostiles.

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